Growing The Light Inside You

When a person is called out of the darkness of separation from the Light of Heaven, connecting to Jesus is just the start of a long journey to feed the spark of Light that is born in a new Christian. The spark is surrounded by years of seeds of darkness and the Spark needs to be fed to grow into a great Light inside them. This is why many who accept Jesus fall back into the darkness of habits that have been built over many years. It is very true when the Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  It is not enough just to say the words, “Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” Those following Jesus must know the steps it takes to become this. What to do every day to sow the seeds to create this kind of life. Abiding in The Holy Presence and flowing through this life as it guides us every day is obtainable for all Christians who are called to attain it but they must know what to do. The parable of the sower that Jesus taught is the most amazing truth that has ever been said and written. It is a Universal Law that applies to many areas of life. Not just being a Christian. 

Psalms 1: 2-3, Joshua 1: 8, and Deuteronomy 6: 4-9 provide the key that must be taught and followed by new Christians to grow the Light inside them. We must discipline ourselves to constantly sow seeds into the mind, heart and spirit every day.

The Holy Presence has created the internet to help bring Light into this world. The false light, father of lies and deceiver of all uses it too but we must use it for our benefit and leave the rest to God. Youtube is a very powerful instrument that is creating good in the world. The family plan is less than $23 a month and five people can have Youtube no ad premium for that one charge. 

Jesus mentions faith like a mustard seed which is the smallest of all seeds that grows into a great plant and yeast that starts from a small amount to fill the whole loaf.  The Light inside us grows by the energies we feed it. There are many Bible verse channels on Youtube now that can be put on Loop so they play continuously. The hours we sleep are now being wasted by most Christians in the world and can be used to feed the Light inside us as we sleep. I play a few different audio books every night that were written in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that teach on building faith and I listen to Bible verses all night long as well. They feed my spirit directly when my mind is asleep. 

My favorite channels so far are,” My Peace I leave with you,” by No Greater Love and “My Peace I leave with you,” by Soakstream.

I have a wonderful portable bluetooth Anker Speaker that only costs $22 or so. I put it by my bed at night and play these all night long on a continuous loop as I sleep from my cell phone linked to YouTube.  

During the day I listen to a playlist Heaven inspired me to create on Spotify named, “Heaven’s Songs,” by Master The Dream. Spotify is a free app on your phone and the music is free with ads or a person can pay for no ads. This playlist is very anointed and I feel the Holy Presence bringing tears in my eyes with many of the songs and worship. This playlist has worship songs, Bible verses and wonderful songs of all types that I believe Heaven writes to bless people. I love this playlist and listen to it daily. This playlist is available to all for free with Spotify and it is best to listen on Shuffle so you always get a variety of all that is there. 

I also listen to meditation frequency channels that have a wonderful calming influence. My favorite is, “Frequency of God 963 Hz – Miracles, blessings and great tranquility without limit in your whole life,” by Healing Melody. I usually play this when on my computer doing work but sometimes all night long as I sleep. I now never waste one night feeding my spirit as I sleep.

The god of this world bombards the masses with billions of negative seeds every day. It is not enough for a Christian to go to Church once or twice a week and survive this bombardment. Especially a new Christian. It takes time and effort to grow the Spark into a great Light and replace all the darkness that has been created. 

Favorite Bible verse channels on YouTube

Favorite Meditation Frequency Channel on YouTube

Heaven’s Song’s Playlist on Spotify by Master The Dream

Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Walking on a treadmill at a 3 to 4 mile per hour speed, for an hour or more every day, slowly deep breathing as deep as one can and listening to Heaven’s Songs playlist on Spotify feeds the Light inside the body with energy from the Universe as well as sitting in sunlight for 15 to 30 minutes a day. An hour of walking like this is very important to keeping the endorphins high to feel happiness in the body. The athlete’s endorphin high is very real and should be done every day to fight depression and feeling low.

Drinking tea with stevia extract to eliminate as much sugar as you can along with whole natural foods Mother Earth has made with Sunlight and avoiding all manufactured processed foods and drinks also helps feed the light inside. Manufactured foods and drinks are harmful to the body and help create sickness over time.

Until you get experienced relaxing in meditation everyday you will not be aware of the tension and stress the body is kept in every day that helps to create sickness. Try to develop the habit of relaxing in sitting stillness for 15 to 30 minutes every day and concentrate on the Light inside that is the Holy Presence appearing as you and The Kingdom of Heaven inside. Release all thoughts that create tension and abide in contentment for a time. After 15 to 30 minutes go about your day but you can do this any time during the day you like.

The last important thing is learning how to release all negative repressed emotions and memories of the past that create negative feelings in the emotional field and hold negative energy in the body that batters the cells in the body like a severe thunderstorm. Repressed negative emotions from events that happened in the past are a major source of chaos and sickness in the world. Learning The Release Technique discovered by Lester Levinson is very important. He was given two weeks to live after two heart attacks and became completely healed with his discovery of releasing.

Very inexpensive used book copies of this method are available on Ebay

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