Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll. Seeds planted in a receptive mind can create Miracles!

The Life Purpose of this website is to help everyone I can do what Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll has done for himself.

He made some very bad mistakes as a teenager but has changed his life and has helped a lot of people change theirs during his time in prison.

When he is paroled he will help millions.

A link to his testimony is below.

Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll

It is very powerful and every young person in the World should hear it.

The Law of Compensation, The Message of Adversity, The Mastermind Alliance and Destiny!

Three of the most important things I learned from Napoleon Hill are his writings on The Law Of Compensation, Adversity, and The Mastermind Alliance.

The second richest man in the world at the time, Andrew Carnegie, commissioned Napoleon Hill with a personal letter of introduction so he could interview 500 of the most successful people in the world and ask them what they did to achieve their success. He compiled all that they told him into a Philosophy of Success and wrote the book, “Think And Grow Rich.”

I agree with many things in the book, but what he missed was Destiny.

These people were destined to do what they did and all they created for the benefit of the world. Doing everything the book says and picking a goal that is not your destiny leads to the loss of Peace Of Mind and Disappointment. Napoleon Hill said that we are the masters of our destinies, but that has not proven completely true in my life.

Many people have tried to become President of the United States; made it a passionate goal, did everything they could to achieve it, but still failed because it was not their destiny. This happens in many ways.

A Force greater than us has a plan for us even when we make other plans.

If you read Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography, you will find he never planned all that he accomplished as a goal when he was a young man. He just did his very best at every job he had no matter what it paid him and he was always promoted, starting from shoveling coal at age of 16, until he was a Billionaire in today’s standards and then most likely promoted as an Angel when he passed. He was blessed to have very good parents and he was a very good and pure person. It was his nature to always do good things and he benefited from The Law of Compensation.

Napoleon Hill said that if you do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will receive more than you do. The Law of Compensation makes sure that we are always compensated for what we do. When we do more than we are paid to do our extra efforts are like a Savings Account drawing interest and LIFE sends it back multiplied when it is time.

The people that do just enough, or less than they are paid to do, or do bad things, only end up stealing from themselves.

No one can cheat The Law of Compensation. Everyone benefits from it, or suffers from it, depending on who they are and what they do.

The people who do not seem to suffer from the bad things they do here will do so when they pass to the next dimension. Every bad deed has to be paid back with interest, as every good deed is returned with interest, and the only way to pay back the bad deeds are with good deeds until the debt is paid.

Some people will take a long time, and some might never pay them back, but that is up to them.

Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography is a must read and you can download a free PDF to read when you have time by clicking the link below:

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie.

He was very angelic and his wife said he died of a broken heart when he saw all the lives lost and the devastation caused by WWI.

Unfortunately, that was was just the beginning of the insane wars of that century.

Napoleon Hill also wrote something profound about adversity:

“Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit and you will find it with a positive mental attitude.”

This has proven true in my life many times and it is very important to remember when you are going through hard times.

I would put a copy by your computer, in your home, at work, and in your car, to remind you every day.

The Mastermind Alliance is the joining of two or more positive minded people working together for the creation of the group’s goals. Their individual minds blend into a Master Mind each member can tap into for inspiration and guidance. Many fortunes have been made using this.

Currently my Mastermind Alliance is with Heaven. Maybe one day I will find another.

“Think and Grow Rich,” is a very important book to read many times in your life. Send it to everyone you care about. It will explain some important Laws of the Universe and how to live your life to benefit from them. Click on the link below to read it on a free pdf.

Think and Grow Rich




Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind!

Napoleon Hill, the author of, “Think and Grow Rich,” wrote his last book, “Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind, ” when he was 86. I think it was his most important one, but it still confuses the point of keeping a peaceful mind and striving to achieve goals. I have found these two do not work well together.

I am 62 now. Looking back on my life I see the plan that I went through that I did not choose.

It is amazing how all my failures and closed doors led to important places I needed to be and they all led me to today. I went through many dark times trying to lead my own way instead of trusting the way.

Today I am in my Dream job:

Semi-Retired, Day Trading and Swing Trading stocks profitably and helping others do the same 100% for free.

I am having the best time of my life.

We are all on different paths and are needed to do different things. Sometimes we make plans that are not what is planned for us, or that we have not yet earned,  and we bang our heads against doors we are not supposed to open.

I have learned to listen to the inner voice from my heart, not my mind, and wait for the open door the hard way.

Today I do not plan anything. I have no goals and LIFE moves me where it wants. I am very thankful for its love, guidance, and protection.

There are many things in, “Think and Grow Rich,” I agree with and some that I do not, but it is a very important book to read many times. 

A Peaceful Mind is the key to Feeling the Inner Voice when it gives the inspiration to do something and it will keep you centered in the NOW.  But stirring up thoughts of goals and plans for the future covers the NOW like a thunderstorm. I do not plan anything anymore and things happen as they should.

I have found the following statement to be true:

Trust the Infinite Power, Knowledge, and Love that has created you with all of your heart and do not depend on your thoughts to plan your way. In everything you do listen to LIFE’s inner guidance and It will direct your path.

Just like the vision I had below at a young age. Many times Life requires us to wait in the darkness of adversity or uncertainty before the LIGHT appears to show us the way.

I am sad to say that I spent most of my life as the first self in the vision and I did not really trust it. But I do now.

Directing my life with my thoughts created many years of anguish. It is best to wait for the open door when it appears and it will when the time is right.

I will share a mental vision I had at age 20 sitting on the floor with my legs crossed listening to a Bible message given at a Coffee House. I did not understand the vision completely then. It took me 40 years to really get it because I am a little slow but I always remembered it.

While the message was being given in the Coffee House I lowered my head and closed my eyes.

The following vision appeared in my mind like a movie. It showed the two ways of living my life:

I was sitting on a floor with my legs crossed and lifted my head to open my eyes. I saw that I was in complete darkness and had no idea where I was. I immediately reacted in fear and jumped up to try to find my way out.

Then I saw another me sitting on the floor with my legs crossed in the same darkness. I lifted my head and looked around seeing I was in complete darkness but this time instead of panicking I lowered my head again closed my eyes and waited.

In a little while a Bright Light appeared behind an open door several yards ahead of me. All was darkness on my side except the Light that shown through the door and it created a Path of Light that fell on me to follow.

I looked up, saw the path of light and peacefully got up and walked on it through the Open Door.

Then I saw my first self again.

I was holding the sides of the open door that I had found breathing hard in fear.  My hair was messed up.  I had a dirty face and dirty clothes from falling over things I could not see.

But there was still darkness behind that door.

I will never forget the desperation I felt with both hands on that open door but still saw nothing but darkness.

I lived my life this way for many years.

If I am led to write a book, it will be something like, “Do Not Think! Grow Rich With Peace of Mind and wait for the Inner Voice to lead you.

I finally understand Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalms 37:3-5, Psalms 91, Isaiah 26:3, Isaiah 40:31, Matthew 6:25 – 34, and Luke 17:20-21.

I follow these as a science to live by not a religion.

These and The Law of Compensation are the most important things I know.

I am being blessed now from many years of doing more than I was paid or expected to do and for my giving to others.

My advice is to find something you are very passionate about. Something that you want to tell the whole world about even if you never make a dime.

Don’t make plans for how much money you are going to make or when.

Just concentrate on sowing and the reaping will come. Many times in very unexpected ways.

The Parable of the Sower is true about many things. All the effort we make are seeds we sow for the future. We never know when the seeds will grow or how big the harvest will be. 

Click to read, The Parable of the Sower!

It is my responsibility to continue to sow seeds and help care for the plants that grow until their fruit appears. I am not responsible for what the seeds do.

The Harvest depends on the Soil the seeds fall in.

If you would like a truly wonderful person as a role model read Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography and give it to every person you know. It could plant important seeds for their future. You can read it for free clicking on the link below:

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie:

There is a free PDF download available for Napoleon Hill’s last book. You can click on the following link to read it or download it for later.

Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind!

Sign up for a free membership to for a free online library. 

Another free site for wealth of books and things online.

May these words that I have shared bring many blessings to your life!