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To help you see the power of this, consider the following:

It only takes a 4% profit on your money a day, compounded for 20 days, to double it.

If you start with $500, you would have approximately $1000 in 20 days.

To prove this to yourself enter 1.04 x 500 on a calculator and hit the = 20 times for 20 days.

What would happen if you could do this for one year and let your money just accumulate?

Enter 2 x 500 on a calculator and hit the = 12 times for one year.

In this example $500 turns into $2,048,000 in 12 months! 

This is just an example of what earning a little bit every day can do and how to turn a small account into a big one using options and trading at Tastyworks.com. It will take a lot of hard work, dedication and several years to do it but you won’t be alone because you will have an awesome Teacher and Team that will be with you every step of the way 100% for free.

Options give you the power to turn a small account of $500 into $1,000,000 slowly over time when you know what you are doing and all you have do is study from a Master Teacher named Jerremy Newsome at www.reallifetrading.com and practice, practice, practice until you are ready to start. Then learn to follow what he teaches because it works and he is the best there is. 

You will be completely amazed at all you will receive for free as a member.

For starters you will want to watch his Free Training Videos for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Traders. You will want to watch these several times because it takes time to learn all he is teaching and a lot of practice to master them.

Then you will want to watch my favorite training on Day Trading. What he teaches works but it takes time to develop the discipline to do what he says.

You will be practicing on Free Charting Software at Tradingview.com and you will want to link your account to his to receive several trading ideas every day to evaluate and practice for free.

I suggest practicing for as long as it takes to prove you will be profitable even if it takes 2 years before you risk your own money.

Jerremy is right when he says you MUST learn to trade profitably before you use options. If you can not make money in stocks you will lose everything with Options.

Jerremy sends his members free trading update emails during the week and several free seminars during the year.

Once you see how good he is, and how good his team of teachers are, you will want to invest in his Morning Trading Chat Room, if you can trade in the mornings, where he and members all around the world share trade setups. It is a steal at $199/mo because it will make you far more than your investment but it is completely optional.

There is also an afternoon Swing Trading Chat Room for those who are working and want great Swing Trade ideas. This is taped so they can view it when they get home.

There are many successful Lady Traders that are members so anyone can do this who has the burning desire to do it.

I highly recommend anyone who is at least curious to go to Real Life Trading.com, sign up as a free member and see if this is something you would like to do.

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I specialize in Day Trading Options on the SPY ETF in the mornings but most people can not do this because they have to work. You can look at my chart patterns every day in my free Chat Room to see how I trade. The Yellow 10 Moving Average is my guide for entries as it crosses the 20 Moving Average up or down but you will want to totally understand support and resistance areas before you ever trade for real.

Here is the link to my Chat Room. 

MDT trading room.

Here are three free highly recommended Book PDFs to help keep you motivated on the way:

Think and Grow Rich

Grow Rich with Peace of Mind

And the story of my hero who, as a young immigrant, started shoveling coal at the age of 16 and became the second Richest Man in the world at the time.

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie



A friend of Napoleon Hill wanted to be an Attorney, but he was afraid to start working toward it because he was in his fifties and it would take him five years. Napoleon Hill asked his friend how old he would be in five years if he didn’t do it? His friend thought about those words and started his journey to become an Attorney.

This can be done by any male and female who wants it.

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