Learn The Skills To Start Part Time And Grow To Earn Over $1,000,000 Every Year.

This is not for everyone but everyone who has a burning desire to learn it can do it!

What I am sharing with you is a Jackpot of Gold!

All you have to do is study the training, start practicing what is taught and learn from the very best to start building your income to become a millionaire. 

Imagine sitting at your computer for a few hours every morning looking for opportunities to make money and there are many of them to pick from.

You pick a couple of good ones, decide how to play them and make the trades.

Then you lock in your profits and spend the rest of your day doing anything you want to do.

This is how I make my money and how I spend my days.

You can learn how to do it too.

The greatest mistake I made in trading is underestimating how difficult it would be to learn it on my own after 20 years and not investing in a qualified Mentor early on. It cost me a lot of money and lost time. I wish I could get those years back but I can’t. Many of the paid training services are not worth the money they charge and a few are worth far more than they charge. It was my destiny when I started trading in the year 2000 to invest $2,500 in a service that was not worth anything but to hook me for life on the potential income the stock market could provide. I went alone after that never realizing that there were still very good teachers out there and edured long years of mistakes and failure. 

There are a vast number of teachers today who do not really have what it takes to teach you how to make big money in trading, but this is The Real Deal.

SMB Capital has real students, who have become teachers,  that are producing over $1,000,000 a year as traders. 

Please take the time to sign up for this free seminar and make sure you watch it. 


Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for great lessons on trading for free. I watch every one. 

Most people who read this will be working full time and need a good source for swing trading where they can set a trade and let it go a few days to make a profit. SMB Capital’s training will help you with this as well and is still the most highly recommended but I follow the two services below as well. 

I tried Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye Trading Service to give me other possible trades than the ones I watch every day and have been very happy with it. I have made much more than I paid in just a few weeks. He sends an option trade recommendation every Monday morning and alerts members when his trade is made and when he sells. He is very good so far. The only downside is he will send you all kinds of offers after you sign up to buy other services. If Jeff Bishop’s service continues to go as well as it has, I may buy his service for all of his trades but that will be in the future and once his service is proven over time. 

Remember that there will always be losing trades with any service you invest in and in trading by yourself. The key is limiting your losses and maximizing your gains through proper money management which means you always trade with a small amount of your money and increase it as your account grows. 

Here is a link to Jeff’s promo page for Bullseye Trades. It is the lowest annual option of the three I recommend today but the others are worth far more than they charge. I do not do affiliated marketing and only recommend what I believe in with no compensation from the source whatsoever. If you are successful Heaven will bless me far more than any amount I could charge. 

Jeff seems to use this service as a hook to sell a ton of other services. I do not recommend buying any other service than Bullseye trading for now. It will give you one good trade to analyze and take a week. 


I also want to recommend another trading service named Top Gun Options. This is a great service for those who can afford a larger annual membership because the rewards are truly great. You should watch all the YouTube videos and subscribe to receive every one. Whizz is making many millionaires with Top Gun Options and it is one of my favorite YouTube channels to watch every day. 


From my 20 years of struggling in the stock market, I do not recommend anyone trying to learn it by yourself. Look for a qualified mentor to teach you what they have learned and know. 

Look for someone who is making more than a million dollars every year trading themselves, not just selling information like so many do, to teach you how to do it. 

When a trading mentor service makes you far more money that you pay for it is the very best investment you can make in yourself and your future!

Work two jobs if you have to to save the money to start investing and to pay for one of these services. Read my other posts on this website and read the free links to, “Think and Grow Rich,” and “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind.” Read the link to Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography who started shoveling coal at the age of 16 and became the second richest man in America behind John D. Rockefeller.  This post gives you the path to become a millionaire if you have the burning desire to create it. 

Send this site to anyone you know who has the burning desire to become a millionaire. You will be blessed if they do it even if you decide not to.

And if you do decide to do this tell the services I have recommended that Master The Dream sent you. 

Shine Bright Star of Heaven!


This is not for everyone but everyone who really wants to learn it can do it.