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It only takes a 4% profit on your money a day, compounded for 20 days, to double it.

If you start with $500, you would have approximately $1000 in 20 days.

To prove this to yourself enter 1.04 x 500 on a calculator and hit the = 20 times for 20 days.

What would happen if you could do this for one year and let your money just accumulate?

Enter 2 x 500 on a calculator and hit the = 12 times for one year.

In this example $300 turns into $2,048,000 in 12 months! 

This is just an example of what earning a little bit every day can do and I will show you how to turn a small account into a big one using options and trading at Tastyworks.com. 

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Buying Cheap Put Options near the Top Red Line and you make a killing as the stock price falls.

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Here is the link to my free Stock Trading Chat Room

MasterTheDream.com Stock Trading Chat Room

Here are three free highly recommended Book PDFs to help keep you motivated on the way:

Think and Grow Rich

Grow Rich with Peace of Mind

And the story of my hero who, as a young immigrant, started shoveling coal at the age of 16 and became the second Richest Man in the world at the time.

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie



A friend of Napoleon Hill wanted to be an Attorney, but he was afraid to start working toward it because he was in his fifties and it would take him five years. Napoleon Hill asked his friend how old he would be in five years if he didn’t do it? His friend thought about those words and started his journey to become an Attorney.

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