Learn The Skills To Start Part Time And Grow To Earn Over $1,000,000 Every Year.


This is not for everyone but everyone who has a burning desire to learn it can do it!

What I am sharing with you is a Jackpot of Gold!

All you have to do is study the training, start practicing what is taught and learn from the very best to start building your income to become a millionaire. 

Imagine sitting at your computer for a few hours every morning looking for opportunities to make money and there are many of them to pick from.

You pick a couple of good ones, decide how to play them and make the trades.

Then you lock in your profits and spend the rest of your day doing anything you want to do.

This is how I make my money and how I spend my days.

You can learn how to do it too.

The greatest mistake I made in trading is underestimating how difficult it would be to learn it on my own after 20 years and not investing in a qualified Mentor early on. It cost me a lot of money and lost time. I wish I could get those years back but I can’t. Many of the paid training services are not worth the money they charge and a few are worth far more than they charge. It was my destiny when I started trading in the year 2000 to invest $2,500 in a service that was not worth anything but to hook me for life on the potential income the stock market could provide. I went alone after that never realizing that there were still very good teachers out there and endured long years of mistakes and failure. 

There are a vast number of teachers today who do not really have what it takes to teach you how to make big money in trading but these are The Real Deals.


David Frost, of My Strategic Forecast, is my #1 recommendation. There are many tons of horrible traders, a ton of average traders and some really good traders, but there are not many Master Traders. David Frost is absolutely the best trader I have ever seen and I am very thankful that he spends time every day to teach others what he has learned over his career. You will not find what David teaches anywhere else. I advise everyone who wants the very best Mentor they can find to buy everything David offers. I wish I had a mentor like David when I started but it was not my destiny. Lol, better late than never!!!

David posts a free YouTube recap Monday through Thursday at My Stragegic Forecast on YouTube. I watch it every day. I recommend subscribing to his YouTuber channel and setting the notifications to receive every new video he makes. The link to his YouTube channel is below.

My Strategic Forecast

David offers a few services for paid members and every one of them are worth far more than he charges but requires capital to be in them. I have purchased the, “LazyEminiTrader,” course and although it has taken me a while to really understand it all I am very glad I purchased it. I am a slow learner sometimes. 

I am a paid member of the, “Inside the Numbers,” daily posting that shows potential areas of support and resistance to make trades. David is incredible in finding these zones. 

The absolute best service David offers is his Daily Live Chat room where he and his members post potential trades. There are many live trading rooms but nothing compares to David’s. You can find the paid sevices he offers on the link below. 

InsideTheNumbers LIVE


Oliver Velez stands at my #2 spot. He is a teacher who has been trading over 40 years. He has created an original trading style that is very unique and he has traders from all over the world on his team.  His strategies are simple, easy to learn and implement.  He has invested 100% of himself over the years to build a massive library of completely free training videos on YouTube that anyone can learn from. If you focus 100% on what Oliver teaches and just do it you will be successful. 

It is extremely easy to lose your way trading watching others videos and trying to predict what the market will do next. You must put blinders on and focus on the charts only and the things Oliver teaches to limit the losses that will come trying to follow other trading YouTube sources. 

Oliver’s vast free training videos will give you all the information you need to trade the markets profitably. The MOST IMPORTANT ONE is, SET A STOP LOSS AT ONE CANDLE!!!! If you do this religiously every time and follow his trading strategies you can not fail. 

For those that feel the connection, I highly recommend investing in his partnership program where you can be trained by his team, trade his capital at his risk and share in the profits. It is very rare to have the opportunity to be trained by a trading Master and also be provided the capital needed to trade the Market.

Click the link below to be sent to his YouTube channel and subscribe to his channel with the alerts checked to view everything he produces. You can also view any of the videos in his Library there for free. You will want to watch them several times until you master them.

Oliver Velez Trading



I have learned valuable information from a few good sources but specializing in trading the SPY makes the most sense for me most of the time. It can be too complicated trying to trade many stocks and it makes sense to become a Master at trading SPY alone to start. A couple of successful trades a day is all you need to become wealthy over time. For very small accounts the SPXL or TQQQ can be a good vehicle to trade which mimics the SPY and QQQ. I use Oliver’s Training to trade the SPY daily and other stocks at times. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that every trade can be wrong at times and do not blindly risk your real money on any trade until you have studied for a long length of time and practice traded for up to 1 year. There is a huge amount of information to learn if you are new. 


You will need to develop your own habits and that takes time. Most traders start way too early with real money and lose a lot before becoming profitable. 

Practice trade when you are starting out and not risk your money on the stock market until you are sure your trading system works consistently. You MUST develop the discipline to trade only certain set ups that you have proven to be successful and not scatter trade on impulse. Most people will not heed this warning and most successful traders have lost all the money in their accounts before finally developing a successful system they use religiously and try never to deviate from. 

You can sign up for a free $100,000 simulated trading account with TradingView. It will take some time to find chart set ups you like to use. These charts trade daily with the market but you are using simulated money. You should give yourself many months of trading stocks like this before risking your own money. You can sign up here: TradingView. These are Live charts during the day that you can trade off of. 

Before trading the Stock Market you must decide if you have what it takes to be successful. You must have a resilient spirit that can handle making thousands of mistakes and learning from them. You must be disciplined to practice sound money management and never risk too much on a trade until you are extremely trained and know exactly when to go in heavy on a trade. Many trades will go against you and limiting your losses is the key for long term success.

From my 20 years of struggling in the stock market, I do not recommend anyone trying to learn it by yourself. Look for a qualified mentor to teach you what they have learned and know. 

Look for someone who is consistently making money every year trading themselves, not just selling information like so many do, to teach you how to do it. 

When a trading mentor service makes you far more money that you pay for it is the very best investment you can make in yourself and your future!

Work two jobs if you have to to save the money to start investing and to pay for one of these services. Read my other posts on this website and read the free links to, “Think and Grow Rich,” and “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind.” Sign up for a free membership to Archive.org for a library of free reads on every topic.

Read the link to Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography who started shoveling coal at the age of 16 and became the second richest man in America behind John D. Rockefeller.  This post gives you the path to become a millionaire if you have the burning desire to create it. 

Send this site to anyone you know who has the burning desire to become a millionaire. You will be blessed if they do it even if you decide not to.

And if you do decide to do this tell the services I have recommended that Master The Dream sent you. 

Shine Bright Star of Heaven!



This is not for everyone but everyone who really wants to learn it can do it.