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What I am sharing with you today are Acres Of Gold!

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Imagine sitting at your computer for a few hours every morning looking for opportunities to make money and there are many of them to pick from.

You pick a good one, decide how to play it, and make the trade.

Then you lock in your profits and spend the rest of your day doing anything you want to do.

This is how I make my money and how I spend my days.

You can learn how to do it too.

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To help you see the power of what I know, and what I want you to know, consider the following:

It only takes a 4% profit on your money a day, compounded for 20 days, to double it.

If you start with $500, you would have approximately $1000 in 20 days.

To prove this to yourself enter 1.04 x 500 on a calculator and hit the = 20 times for 20 days.

What would happen if you could do this for one year and let your money just accumulate?

Enter 2 x 500 on a calculator and hit the = 12 times for one year.

In this example $500 turns into $2,048,000 in 12 months!

This is just an example of what earning a little bit every day can do and I will show you how to turn a small account into a big one using options and trading at Tastyworks.com when you are fully trained.

As good as this is, it will not be for everyone.

Most people will not put in the time and effort to learn this even though it is free.

The Parable of the Sower explains why only a few will end up doing this.


There is a learning curve and once you study the free videos you will need to practice for 6 to 12 months before doing it for real.

Your biggest challenge will be to have the discipline NOT START TOO EARLY with real money! If you do, you will lose all your money quickly.

You won’t have to spend a dime to do this, but you will need to invest your time to learn it.

Even then it will take you more time to Master it. But if you persist, you will be able to live anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and make all the money you want for the rest of your life!

This is your training plan:

Watch the first two videos at this link and sign up for the free membership to study the rest of the videos on Day Trading and other trainings.

Sign up for the free charting software at Tradingview.com. You can also practice trade stocks here in the software. You want to link your account at Tradingview.com to RealLifeTrading to receive trading ideas. The swing trade ideas are all you need to be successful.

Bookmark this link and use it every morning to see the Stocks that Gap. Then study how these stocks trade by entering in the stock symbols on your charting software at Tradingview.com

I also use Finviz.com every morning to see the news that is causing the Gap, the company financials, and the analyst recommendations, to get a better insight into what the stock may trade like. It is also a great site to use to screen stocks looking for chart patterns to possibly trade for swing trading.

If you are working full time you will have to study this and practice swing trading until you have the time to trade in the morning.

To be a good swing trader does not mean you just buy a stock that is low in price. You want to wait to find one that is moving. Getting stuck in one that is going nowhere, or losing money, does not make you money.

You do this by learning The Dow Theory, Support and Resistance areas, and Trade Triggers on the charts like the One Green Soldier, Tweezer Bottoms, Tweezer Tops, Morning Star and Evening Star reversal candles and then practice trading them.

All the training you need to trade profitably is at the free recommended trading site RealLifeTrading.com

Once you have proven to yourself you will make money trading stocks by praticing, it will be time to do the same thing using options

Options give you power to turn a small account of $500 into $1,000,000, but you must learn to trade profitably before you start learning them.

Remember, you MUST PRACTICE TRADE for up to a year before you use real money, or as long as it takes for you to be consitantly profitable.

Do not start investing real money until you have a track record of consistent profitable trades no matter how long it takes!

You need this experience to understand all the the market does and how it can surprise you.

Don’t come whining to me about your losses if you do not listen to me.

I will help you learn options at Tastyworks.com along the way as you train.

I have a free chat room for members that I am in every morning for all traders to share trades and ask questions.

Master The Dream Trading Room

Here are three free highly recommended Book PDFs to help keep you motivated on the way:

Think and Grow Rich

Grow Rich with Peace of Mind

And the story of my hero who, as a young immigrant, started shoveling coal at the age of 16 and became the second Richest Man in the world at the time.

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie



A friend of Napoleon Hill wanted to be an Attorney, but he was afraid to start working toward it because he was in his fifties and it would take him five years. Napoleon Hill asked his friend how old he would be in five years if he didn’t do it? His friend thought about those words and started his journey to become an Attorney.

This can be done by any male and female who wants it bad enough to do it.

No one can stop you but yourself.

Send this website address to everyone you think may be interested.

You will be blessed when they do it too.

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