Become a Student of Bruce Lee and Learn From The Very Best!

Consciousness does not end with Separation from the body. 

The Mind of A Master Never Dies and Is A Powerful  Force for those that connect with it even though appearing to be in another dimension of time and space. 

There is no real time or space separate from Infinite Mind we are a part of.

We live in It endlessly in The Eternal Now.

I was called this morning to become a student of  Master Bruce Lee and to train with one of his Master Teachers. 

As with so many things that has happened in my life:

One day something changes in my spirit and I am instructed to start something new I never expected or saw coming.

I am sensitive to that call now and hear it clearly when it appears in my heart and mind.

Visiting this Post may be your call as well. 

I highly recommend visiting the website below to see if you are being called too.

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Blessings on your Journey. 





Drink Tea Daily Filled With The Energy Of The Amazon Jungle!

I don’t remember how I created this combination of herbs to make a tea but I have been drinking it for many years.

Once, when I had food poisoning from a restaurant, I drank this tea and went to sleep. When I woke up I had no symptoms at all. I was amazed. Usually, you will feel bad and weak for several days after food poisoning.

I buy these bulk herbs from two sources: San Francisco Herb Company, and Mountain Rose Herbs.

I buy everything from San Francisco Herb Company except Cat’s Claw Bark because they do not carry it. Mountain Rose Herbs does and both are awesome companies. SF Herbs is just a little less expensive.

These herbs provide exceptionally powerful energies to your body and I highly recommend you drinking them daily.

I buy bulk Pau D’Arco Bark, White Willow Bark, dried Peppermint Leaves, Alfalfa Leaves, Yerba Mate leaves, and Stevia Leaves from San Francisco Herb Company. 

Bulk Cats Claw Bark from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Buying these in bulk and making them yourself saves you a ton of money and it is very economical.

In a large stainless steel pot filled with distilled water add one large handful each of Pau D’Arco Bark, Cat’s Claw Bark, and White Willow Bark. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes covered.

Turn off the heat and put in one large handful each of dried Peppermint Leaves, Alfalfa Leaves, Yerba Mate Leaves, and Stevia Leaves. Stir well and let it sit until cool. I stir the contents several times to release as much of the ingredients into the water as possible. You can let this sit overnight.

When it is cool I use a stainless steel strainer to drain the liquid into another large pot then put it in containers for the fridge. I put the drained herbs on flowers or the garden.

I drink a large cup of this tea every morning with several drops of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and it is very energizing. It is already very sweet from the Stevia leaves with no sugar and almost no calories.

You will love how it makes you feel!

If you find yourself in a health challenge drink this tea several times a day and if you know someone who might want to try it send this post to them.


Fill Your Body With Light, Stay Healthy, And Feel Incredible!

I have read that Light is the physical appearance of God. Surely all life on Mother Earth lives by the energy of the Sun.

All creatures on the Earth eat their food raw except humans and we have created foods that are far from what Nature created for us to eat.

I have never seen so much sickness in people before. It is truly amazing.

I have received whispers from my heart to change my diet and consume more light and I am training myself to do it.

I believe if we can train ourselves to eat more of the Sunlight absorbed by plants we will stay healthy, and feel incredible!

I have created a smoothie I call my Light and Oxygen Smoothie. It is made with Raw Fruits and Vegetables, Now Brand Organic Stevia and 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Drops to increase oxygen. I make this every other morning and consume it once a day for my dinner meal after the drinks I have described in another post.

I would never eat all these by themselves but it is easy in a great tasting smoothie!

I used to pour this smoothie in a big cup at work and people would look at it and make faces when I told them what was in it. One person was brave enough to taste it and said, “Humm, Surprising,” when it tasted so good. It is amazing how good this smoothie makes me feel with all the natural Light energy and the natural oxygen.

I put the following ingredients in my Vita-Mix Blender every morning that I make it. It fills it to the top and then I add distilled water almost to the top so not to spill. After securing the top I run this on High for 90 seconds.

I put it in a container in the Fridge to stay cold until I am ready to drink it. I drink half of it the day I make it for my supper meal and half the next day.

I buy all these at Walmart, except the NOW brand organic Stevia power and the 3% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide. I buy these on Amazon and only recommend the NOW brand of Stevia. Many other brands sell watered down Stevia or powder that is hard to dissolve. The one pound container seems expensive, but it lasts a long time because it is so concentrated. You only have to use a little in other teas or coffees. You want to use the 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide sparingly. Food Grade just means it is mixed in distilled water and it is purer. It is very powerful and should only be consumed in low amounts. Never more than 3% and about 5 drops per 8 ounces. I have been using this for many years and I take a little more but not a lot. It is dangerous to consume too much hydrogen peroxide so use it sparingly if at all but it is a very low-cost way to add oxygen to your body. I buy a gallon of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and mix it one part to 14 cups of distilled water to make a Gallon of 3%. It is so cheap it is funny. You can do a search on how it can help your body.

I add all these to my Vita-Mix and blend on high for 90 seconds:

I large handful of Walmart brand raisins, one large handful of sprouted lentils, a teaspoon of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, a large teaspoon of Now brand stevia, one banana, one medium tomato, one peeled kiwi, a handful of chopped red cabbage, a half of avocado, several stalks of raw broccoli tops, a lot of fresh cilantro, a large handful of fresh baby spinach, two handfuls of frozen strawberries, and two handfuls of frozen blueberries, and you can add more Stevia if you want it sweeter.

Drinking this smoothie fills your body with many different colors of Light every day, and you will love how it makes you feel!

You will be amazed at how a large cup full will fill you up and hold you for hours. One large glass full is all you need every day, and a hand full of almonds in between. It is best to eat the almonds on an empty stomach. I like to buy the 25lb bags of almonds direct from the orchards in California. They are much fresher and less processed. The ones you buy in the stores have been irradiated by law and I think it best not to eat them. You can buy fresh almonds directly from this orchard that have not been irradiated with radiation, or pasteurized. I highly recommend this grower.

Briden Wilson Farm

Sprouting lentils maximizes the nutrition and it is very easy to sprout your own. I put about a half bag in a pan with some 3% hydrogen peroxide and distilled water to soak for several hours. Then just pour the lentils in a colander to get the excess water off, put it on a plate to catch any water, and cover it with a towel for two days in a warm, low lighted, area. I stir them once a day to distribute the water and put them in the fridge when ready. It is truly amazing how long these will stay fresh in the fridge and not break down. They are incredible nutrition.

Try it. You will like it.



One Seed Planted In A Mind That Grew Into A Huge Harvest!

The Life Purpose of this website is to help everyone I can do what Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll has done for himself.

He made some very bad mistakes as a teenager but has changed his life and has helped a lot of people change theirs during his time in prison.

When he is paroled he will help millions.

A link to his testimony is below.

Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll

Here is the press link to his website with great articles, audios, and a video.

Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll’s Press Page

If you would like to contact Curtis go to the contact page of his website.

Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll’s Contact Page

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My View Of President Trump!

It is sad for me to see such Bias in the minds of so many people. It creates a mental picture that is not real when they call all people who voted for Trump uneducated and racist.

My Grandfather was an immigrant from Mexico. He was a Catholic Priest and was forced to leave, or be executed, when Democracy took hold there.

He became a Presbyterian Minister, married his second wife after the passing of his first, fathered 13 children, and lived to the age of 102. One of his sons died in WWII, all 7 sons served, and 2 retired from the Military. 

My father is 91 years old. He is a 30 Year Retired, 3 War, 100% Disabled Veteran. He and his brothers are 100% Hispanic, and I am 50% with a little American Indian bloodline.

My mother also served in the Military before marrying my father.

I played the bass guitar as a young man and was a member of a Soul Group where I was the only non-black member. I played in all black night clubs in Arkansas in 1973 and was always treated with respect. I have a black brother in law who I dearly love who is a beloved member of our family. I lived in San Francisco for three years and have a very good gay friend there who worked at the company I did. I love the diversity of people there and respect everyone’s way of life as long as it is in accordance with the law. I love all Good People on this Earth Equally. Every Color, Nationality, Religion, or None. 

My Father and I did not see eye to eye when I voted for Obama twice but we completely agree now on supporting President Trump. I still believe Obama was the best candidate at the time, when our only choices were Crooked Hillary and Rhino McCain, then Rhino Romney 4 years later. 

If either of the Rhino’s won, Hillary would probably be President today!

Obama was a great disappointment to me, but he was still head and shoulders better than George Bush Jr., who was one of our worst in my opinion.

Obama, in his own way, stopped Crooked Hillary from becoming President twice and gave us President Trump, so he did a few things right. Heaven knew what it was doing with the way it turned out.

President Obama was the first candidate I ever sent money to. I believed he would win even though so many people of color did not think the majority in this Country would ever elect him.

They were wrong, Twice!

I remember casting my vote at the Little Rock Court House and asked an elderly black man for his assistance. When he saw I voted for Obama he wanted to make sure I did not make a mistake and asked me if I really wanted to vote for him. He was surprised when I said yes.

The Bias in the minds of millions of people of color did not let them see what was real until it appeared, and now many have gone back to what they used to believe because they can not see that what they have now is best for them and A Gift From Heaven!

The year of 2016 was a year of many upsets. I was involved in supporting Brexit and watched how the establishment controlled media completely distorted what the majority of people in the UK felt. I placed a stock market bet on Brexit winning and thought I lost it until the votes came in.

Then the Cavaliers created history as the first NBA team to come back from a 1-3 series and win the Championship 4-3. Sometimes events that happen are messages from Heaven of what is coming. 

A whisper in my heart said that Trump would do the same thing as Obama, Brexit, and the Cavaliers did. Even though so many thought it impossible, and some called me an idiot for saying so.

Heaven rules this Universe, not people or the animal spirits that inhabit humans even though they create so much harm in this world

All you have to do is look at the vast manipulation of the news, riots, destruction of property, violence, ugly behavior, and extreme hatred to see what spirits swarm in the Far Left. It is truly amazing to me that so many religious people can not see it.

I believe that President Trump was elected by Heaven to do the things he will do for our Country. It was such a sacrifice for him, and his family, to give up the life they had and he will be one of the best we will ever have.

I thank God he was elected.

Millions of people of color who thought for themselves and saw the manipulation of the Far Left voted for him, and millions more will vote for him next time because what he is working for is Right for our Country and Right for Every Legal Citizen, Equally!

The Far Left has nothing to offer but their hatred of Trump for being so much better than they will ever be and their hatred of us who support him.

They do not trust God to Govern even though many call themselves religious.

After the horrendous Bush Jr Administration I never thought I would vote for a Republican again, and now that The Far Left Has Shown The World How Ugly They Really Are, I Will Not Vote For A Democrat Again Until They Change!

The absolute best system of government is a Righteous and Humble King/ Queen, who serves his/her people as he/she serves Heaven.

Unfortunately, there have been too few of them.

Maybe one will reappear.

Awareness, Happiness, and the Art of Being!

The story in Genesis of Adam and Eve becoming infected with the Knowledge of Good and Evil and how it banished them from The Garden of Eden is very interesting. I wonder if there really was a time when people were not filled with thoughts of good and evil and lived as Pure Awareness without thoughts of opposites living in them?  I think that story is a parable of how spirits appeared inside humans as Thoughts and we lost the Awareness of living in the Thought Free Garden of Eden inside us.  How that happened I do not know.

The biggest problem this world has ever had are the negative thoughts, and emotions, living inside human beings. They are the cause of all the evil this world has witnessed. Thoughts and emotions move people to do the things they do, but most people do not know that they are not really them, just energies living inside them. They can be our friends, or our worst enemies if we don’t master them.

It has taken me a long time to free myself from their dominance. I still see and feel the beneficial ones that are left inside my Awareness but I have attained a peaceful mind and heart now, and I have found my True Self. I am very thankful for the peaceful thoughts and energies that provide guidance. They are little Angels that give insight and direction during my day and I always thank them for their assistance in guiding my life.

It is truly amazing how many times they have flashed messages into my Awareness that turned out to help me, the Company I worked for, or someone else. When our minds are busy many times we miss it and I have missed it too. I endeavor to do what they tell me to do right away before I forget it. Your Peaceful Mind will be able to see their messages when they are given and benefit from them.

I experienced the separation of my Awareness from thoughts through meditation and reading about Awareness. I used meditation CD’s to quiet my mind and become aware of myself as Awareness. Every time I achieved this it helped me realize it more and more in my active life. I am the Awareness that thoughts and emotions appear in and I am a small part of the Infinite Field of Being with everyone and everything else.

Our Peaceful Mind is already inside us as our true selves and our Garden of Eden. We have just lost awareness of it by assuming we are thoughts and emotions. We are like the clear blue sky, not the clouds that flow through it, and we have the potential to remain the clear blue sky even when a storm appears to flow through it. But it takes wanting it, working for it, and time.  

The challenges we face in attaining Our Peaceful Mind are many and the biggest is obtaining Our Peaceful Heart, or Emotional Field.

Our lives are very fast paced now, with almost endless distractions to keep us focused on the outside, and most of us have been infected with inherited dark energies that live in our emotional fields. These energies are the source of all negative and evil thoughts and emotions.  We must free ourselves from them one by one to regain our Peaceful Mind and Heart.

If you suffer from any negative feeling in your emotional field, it is caused by energies living there. They do not want you to know this so they can feed off of your life force. You can not see them with your awareness but you can see and feel the pain they cause inside you. Most people do not know that the pain is being caused by something deeper that is invisible to us. 

I know this will sound crazy to many. It is just because they do not know it yet and this message is a seed that may, or may not, germinate in your life.

That will depend on you.

I have vast experience with what I am writing about and only share it for those it can help. It will not be for everyone because not everyone will be ready for it.

I used my style of releasing the negative energies inside of me to become free of them. They appear and hide at different times and when they appear, when the negative emotion is felt and strong, it is the time to use it.

Just become aware of the grief, sadness, pain, anger, hatred, fear, or any other negative feeling in your heart, or lower stomach area. See it as something living inside you, but not you. Lower your head and tell it with your Awareness and voice, “I release you from my heart, and command you to go.” Imagine it coming up and out of you, and breath it out deeply. The energy will resist, but as you do this consistently, it will finally leave you.

Guilt of a past mistake, or a false guilt that blames you for something you did not do to prevent something, is a strong one that they feed on for almost everyone. If you have confessed it to yourself, made amends, and asked forgiveness for it, or finally realized it is a false guilt for something you could not stop, you must work to release the guilt emotions being produced by the images in your mind. The event does not exist anymore except as this image in your Awareness.

Depending on how strong it is, it can take years.

You can do this with any emotional pain, fear, anger, or hatred, you are feeling as a result of anything you have experienced.

These energies flash the Memories of Past Experiences into your Awareness over and over again to create the feelings of sadness, grief, depression, fear, anger, or hatred so they can feed off of it. These feelings are their food, and why they do not want to be seen, or leave their food source. When you have developed the habit of releasing these feelings every time you feel them, the energies grow weak and either die, change to a positive nature, or leave, and your life will become more and more peaceful. Finally they will not be there anymore and you will be Your Peaceful Mind and Heart from then on.

When you experience this, you will be amazed at how the whole world suffers from memories that no longer exist in the Now, but appear to.

Energies living inside some people move them to do horrible things to others and then the same energies feed on the grief, depression, sadness, anger and hatred of the victims living through it.

One of their biggest lies is this; if we stop hurting we are abandoning a love one that has passed. So Grieving deeply is necessary to remember them. It is a huge lie.

The loved one that has passed does not want you to grieve for them, just remember the good times and your love. They are in a better place.

Enduring any negative emotion from an event in the past that does not exist anymore, except as an image in your Awareness, is a huge trick. The event does not exist anymore but it lives as a picture in your Awareness causing negative emotions.

When we Awaken to experience that we are what sees things in our mind, not the things appearing in it, we separate and experience Awareness and the energies that try to produce negative emotions by posting images in our Awareness lose their power.

But just as important is releasing these energies from our Heart and Emotional field so they no longer torment us with these memories.

The following will help you on your Journey. 

Listening to meditation CD’s for a half hour every day with headsets will train your awareness to realize yourself separate from thoughts, and emotions. This is the best source I have found and I use it every day. You can click below: I suggest the

Ultra-Meditation 5-Level System

Ultra Meditation VI

Reading about awareness, happiness, and the art of being helps remind you of what you are and helps you realize it with time. You can click on the link below to read a great source:

Awareness, Happiness and The Art of Being

If you want to free yourself from all negative emotions. Learn about how a special man was given weeks to live and healed himself completely by releasing the negative emotions that had been trapped inside him for years. It is truly an amazing story:

Freedom Now!

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The Law of Compensation, The Message of Adversity, The Mastermind Alliance and Destiny!

Three of the most important things I learned from Napoleon Hill are his writings on The Law Of Compensation, Adversity, and The Mastermind Alliance.

The second richest man in the world at the time, Andrew Carnegie, commissioned Napoleon Hill with a personal letter of introduction so he could interview 500 of the most successful people in the world and ask them what they did to achieve their success. He compiled all that they told him into a Philosophy of Success and wrote the book, “Think And Grow Rich.”

I agree with many things in the book, but what he missed was Destiny.

These people were destined to do what they did and all they created for the benefit of the world. Doing everything the book says and picking a goal that is not your destiny leads to the loss of Peace Of Mind and Disappointment. Napoleon Hill said that we are the masters of our destinies, but that has not proven completely true in my life.

Many people have tried to become President of the United States; made it a passionate goal, did everything they could to achieve it, but still failed because it was not their destiny. This happens in many ways.

A Force greater than us has a plan for us even when we make other plans.

If you read Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography, you will find he never planned all that he accomplished as a goal when he was a young man. He just did his very best at every job he had, no matter what it paid him, and he was always promoted, starting from shoveling coal at age of 16, until he was a Billionaire in today’s standards, and then most likely promoted as an Angel when he passed. He was blessed to have very good parents and he was a very good and pure person. It was his nature to always do good things and he benefited from The Law of Compensation.

Napoleon Hill said that if you do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will receive more than you do. The Law of Compensation makes sure that we are always compensated for what we do. When we do more than we are paid to do our extra efforts are like a Savings Account drawing interest and LIFE sends it back multiplied when it is time.

The people that do just enough, or less than they are paid to do, or do bad things, only end up stealing from themselves.

No one can cheat The Law of Compensation. Everyone benefits from it, or suffers from it, depending on who they are and what they do.

The people who do not seem to suffer from the bad things they do here will do so when they pass to the next dimension. Every bad deed has to be paid back with interest, as every good deed is returned with interest, and the only way to pay back the bad deeds are with good deeds until the debt is paid.

Some people will take a long time, and some might never pay them back, but that is up to them.

Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography is a must read and you can download a free PDF to read when you have time by clicking the link below:

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie.

He was very angelic and his wife said he died of a broken heart when he saw all the lives lost and the devastation caused by WWI.

Unfortunately, that was was just the beginning of the insane wars of that century.

Napoleon Hill also wrote something profound about adversity:

“Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit and you will find it with a positive mental attitude.”

This has proven true in my life many times and it is very important to remember when you are going through hard times.

I would put a copy by your computer, in your home, at work, and in your car, to remind you every day.

The Mastermind Alliance is the joining of two or more positive minded people working together for the creation of the group’s goals. Their individual minds blend into a Master Mind each member can tap into for inspiration and guidance. Many fortunes have been made using this.

My Mastermind Alliance are friends that are members of our free Master The Dream Trading Room. We will all become financially free helping each other succeed trading the stock market and you are welcome to join by clicking on the link below.

Master The Dream Trading Room

“Think and Grow Rich,” is a very important book to read many times in your life. Send it to everyone you care about. It will explain some important Laws of the Universe and how to live your life to benefit from them. Click on the link below to read it on a free pdf.

Think and Grow Rich

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Grow Rich With Peace of Mind!

Napoleon Hill, the author of, “Think and Grow Rich,” wrote his last book, “Grow Rich With Peace of Mind, ” when he was 86. I think it was his most important one, but it still confuses the point of keeping a peaceful mind and striving to achieve goals. I have found these two do not work well together.

I am 62 now. Looking back on my life I see the plan that I went through that I did not choose.

It is amazing how all my failures and closed doors led to important places I needed to be and they all led me to today. I went through many dark times trying to lead my own way instead of trusting the way.

Today I am in my Dream job:

Semi-Retired, Day Trading and Swing Trading stocks profitably and helping others do the same 100% for free.

I am having the best time of my life.

We are all on different paths and are needed to do different things. Sometimes we make plans that are not what is planned for us, or that we have not yet earned,  and we bang our heads against doors we are not supposed to open.

I have learned to listen to the inner voice from my heart, not my mind, and wait for the open door the hard way.

Today I do not plan anything. I have no goals and LIFE moves me where it wants. I am very thankful for its love, guidance, and protection.

There are many things in, “Think and Grow Rich,” I agree with and some that I do not, but it is a very important book to read many times. 

A Peaceful Mind is the key to Feeling the Inner Voice when it gives the inspiration to do something and it will keep you centered in the NOW.  But stirring up thoughts of goals and plans for the future covers the NOW like a thunderstorm. I do not plan anything anymore and things happen as they should.

I have found the following statement to be true:

Trust the Infinite Power, Knowledge, and Love that has created you with all of your heart and do not depend on your thoughts to plan your way. In everything you do listen to LIFE’s inner guidance and It will direct your path.

Just like the vision I had below at a young age. Many times Life requires us to wait in the darkness of adversity or uncertainty before the LIGHT appears to show us the way.

I am sad to say that I spent most of my life as the first self in the vision and I did not really trust it. But I do now.

Directing my life with my thoughts created many years of anguish. It is best to wait for the open door when it appears and it will when the time is right.

I will share a mental vision I had at age 20 sitting on the floor with my legs crossed listening to a Bible message given at a Coffee House. I did not understand the vision completely then. It took me 40 years to really get it because I am a little slow but I always remembered it.

While the message was being given in the Coffee House I lowered my head and closed my eyes.

The following vision appeared in my mind like a movie. It showed the two ways of living my life:

I was sitting on a floor with my legs crossed and lifted my head to open my eyes. I saw that I was in complete darkness and had no idea where I was. I immediately reacted in fear and jumped up to try to find my way out.

Then I saw another me sitting on the floor with my legs crossed in the same darkness. I lifted my head and looked around seeing I was in complete darkness but this time instead of panicking I lowered my head again closed my eyes and waited.

In a little while a Bright Light appeared behind an open door several yards ahead of me. All was darkness on my side except the Light that shown through the door and it created a Path of Light that fell on me to follow.

I looked up, saw the path of light and peacefully got up and walked on it through the Open Door.

Then I saw my first self again.

I was holding the sides of the open door that I had found breathing hard in fear.  My hair was messed up.  I had a dirty face and dirty clothes from falling over things I could not see.

But there was still darkness behind that door.

I will never forget the desperation I felt with both hands on that open door but still saw nothing but darkness.

I lived my life this way for many years.

If I am led to write a book, it will be something like, “Do Not Think! Grow Rich With Peace of Mind and wait for the Inner Voice to lead you.

I finally understand Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalms 37:3-5, Psalms 91, Isaiah 26:3, Isaiah 40:31, Matthew 6:25 – 34, Luke 17:20-21, John 4:24, and 1 Timothy 6:6.

I follow these as a science to live by not a religion.

These and The Law of Compensation are the most important things I know.

I am being blessed now from many years of doing more than I was paid or expected to do and for my giving to others.

My advice is to find something you are very passionate about. Something that you want to tell the whole world about even if you never make a dime.

Don’t make plans for how much money you are going to make or when.

Just concentrate on sowing and the reaping will come. Many times in very unexpected ways.

The Parable of the Sower is true about many things. All the effort we make are seeds we sow for the future. We never know when the seeds will grow or how big the harvest will be. 

Click to read, The Parable of the Sower!

It is my responsibility to continue to sow seeds and help care for the plants that grow until their fruit appears. I am not responsible for what the seeds do.

The Harvest depends on the Soil the seeds fall in.

If you would like a truly wonderful person as a role model read Andrew Carnegie’s Autobiography and give it to every person you know. It could plant important seeds for their future. You can read it for free clicking on the link below:

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie:

There is a free PDF download available for Napoleon Hill’s last book. You can click on the following link to read it or download it for later.

Grow Rich With Peace of Mind!

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May the words that I have shared bring many blessings to your life!