Wealthy Affiliate – Why Premium Is Not The Way To Go!

I signed up as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate to evaluate what they offered and then upgraded to Premium for a few months until I quit.  The free membership was just a worthless distraction for me and paying the Premium $49 a month membership will be wasting your money for most people.

The owners of the site are making a killing off of it. There is No Customer Service Department you can talk with directly and you have to ask other members for help as well as search articles to find the anwers to your questions even as a Premium Member.

The site is adding hundreds of new members daily and everything is designed to coax free members to upgrade to paying $49 a month.

Some of the members will make money with the site over time. Premium Members are paid $23 a month when they recruit another Premium Member so there is a ton of recruiting campaigns going on all over the web, but most of the members will not make any sizeable income and that is what they are looking for.

Most people will quit because they need money sooner than years from now spending $49 month getting there, if it ever happens.

I have a better plan for many of you. It is not for everyone because not everyone will put in the work to do it, but it is all free for you if you will do it.

I am not an affiliate marketer and everything I do is for free! I follow The Law of Compensation. You can not out give the Universe and I will always be compensated far greater for giving away what I know instead of charging for it.

I teach a way that you can take $500 of your own money and turn it into $1,000,000.00 in time, but it takes months of study and practice before risking your own money.

Instead of spending $49 a month, start saving it to invest when you are ready!

Here is the way:

Visit and read carefully everything at this link: masterthedream.com.

And then Just Do it!

Author: Yogi Noeled Zenitram Salguod

This website is dedicated to helping you Succeed in different areas of your life. Many of the things I write about in my Posts will seem unusual and different from anything you have read before. Take what speaks to you and let everything that doesn't go. I wish you many blessings on your Journey!

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