My View Of President Trump!

It is sad for me to see such Bias in the minds of so many people. It creates a mental picture that is not real when they call all people who voted for Trump uneducated and racist.

My Grandfather was an immigrant from Mexico. He was a Catholic Priest and was forced to leave, or be executed, when Democracy took hold there.

He became a Presbyterian Minister, married his second wife after the passing of his first, fathered 13 children, and lived to the age of 102. One of his sons died in WWII, all 7 sons served, and 2 retired from the Military. 

My father is 91 years old. He is a 30 Year Retired, 3 War, 100% Disabled Veteran. He and his brothers are 100% Hispanic, and I am 50% with a little American Indian bloodline.

My mother also served in the Military before marrying my father.

I played the bass guitar as a young man and was a member of a Soul Group where I was the only non-black member. I played in all black night clubs in Arkansas in 1973 and was always treated with respect. I have a black brother in law who I dearly love who is a beloved member of our family. I lived in San Francisco for three years and have a very good gay friend there who worked at the company I did. I love the diversity of people there and respect everyone’s way of life as long as it is in accordance with the law. I love all Good People on this Earth Equally. Every Color, Nationality, Religion, or None. 

My Father and I did not see eye to eye when I voted for Obama twice but we completely agree now on supporting President Trump. I still believe Obama was the best candidate at the time, when our only choices were Crooked Hillary and Rhino McCain, then Rhino Romney 4 years later. 

If either of the Rhino’s won, Hillary would probably be President today!

Obama was a great disappointment to me, but he was still head and shoulders better than George Bush Jr., who was one of our worst in my opinion.

Obama, in his own way, stopped Crooked Hillary from becoming President twice and gave us President Trump, so he did a few things right. Heaven knew what it was doing with the way it turned out.

President Obama was the first candidate I ever sent money to. I believed he would win even though so many people of color did not think the majority in this Country would ever elect him.

They were wrong, Twice!

I remember casting my vote at the Little Rock Court House and asked an elderly black man for his assistance. When he saw I voted for Obama he wanted to make sure I did not make a mistake and asked me if I really wanted to vote for him. He was surprised when I said yes.

The Bias in the minds of millions of people of color did not let them see what was real until it appeared, and now many have gone back to what they used to believe because they can not see that what they have now is best for them and A Gift From Heaven!

The year of 2016 was a year of many upsets. I was involved in supporting Brexit and watched how the establishment controlled media completely distorted what the majority of people in the UK felt. I placed a stock market bet on Brexit winning and thought I lost it until the votes came in.

Then the Cavaliers created history as the first NBA team to come back from a 1-3 series and win the Championship 4-3. Sometimes events that happen are messages from Heaven of what is coming. 

A whisper in my heart said that Trump would do the same thing as Obama, Brexit, and the Cavaliers did. Even though so many thought it impossible, and some called me an idiot for saying so.

Heaven rules this Universe, not people or the animal spirits that inhabit humans even though they create so much harm in this world

All you have to do is look at the vast manipulation of the news, riots, destruction of property, violence, ugly behavior, and extreme hatred to see what spirits swarm in the Far Left. It is truly amazing to me that so many religious people can not see it.

I believe that President Trump was elected by Heaven to do the things he will do for our Country. It was such a sacrifice for him, and his family, to give up the life they had and he will be one of the best we will ever have.

I thank God he was elected.

Millions of people of color who thought for themselves and saw the manipulation of the Far Left voted for him, and millions more will vote for him next time because what he is working for is Right for our Country and Right for Every Legal Citizen, Equally!

The Far Left has nothing to offer but their hatred of Trump for being so much better than they will ever be and their hatred of us who support him.

They do not trust God to Govern even though many call themselves religious.

After the horrendous Bush Jr Administration I never thought I would vote for a Republican again, and now that The Far Left Has Shown The World How Ugly They Really Are, I Will Not Vote For A Democrat Again Until They Change!

The absolute best system of government is a Righteous and Humble King/ Queen, who serves his/her people as he/she serves Heaven.

Unfortunately, there have been too few of them.

Maybe one will reappear.

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