Help me stop a National Company from preying on low income people.

I drove a neighbor to Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, 12310 Chenal Pkwy, in Little Rock, AR 72212 today to receive the Nationally Advertised, “No Fee Advance,” on his tax return because he did not have a car and is a very low income person who needed the money. 

I asked him how much they charged him for the return and he said they deducted $400.00 from his return to file a 1040ez Federal tax return and the State return. I Could Not Believe They Were Getting Away With This! Many Tax Preparation Companies are filing the 1040ez form for free and charging a nominal fee to file the State return. He didn’t have a very big return and they took most of it.

The Tax Preparers are not disclosing the $400.00 tax filing fee upfront and their poor customers do not know about it until the paperwork is finished and then agree to the $400.00 fee because they need the money or are pressured to continue after everything was already done.

This is worse than Pay Day Loans in my opinion because there is no disclosure up front of what the filing fee will be.

If this is legal at all it requires full upfront disclosure of the $400 filing fee before the customer agrees to have the forms filled out and it is Outrageous Deception because the supposedly, “No Fee Advance,” is actually costing them $400.

You can read the Horrendous Reviews below by clicking on the link

Jackson Hewitt Reviews

This is a National Problem and needs investigating immediately. 

This company should be fined heavily and forced to provide full disclosure of this fee before starting the paperwork.

Here is a link to the company’s website that never discloses the $400 fee. 

Jackson Hewitt website

And here is a link where they will be happy to charge 35.9% for a Tax Return Loan.

Tax Return Loan

I have informed the Mayor Elect of Arkansas, the Arkansas State Attorney General’s Office, the Governor of Arkansas, my State Senator, the FTC and other prominent people Nationally to help me stop this predatory Company from what they are doing. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested in helping, forward this page to them. 



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