Fill Your Body With Light, Stay Healthy, And Feel Incredible!

I have read that Light is the physical appearance of God. Surely all life on Mother Earth lives by the energy of the Sun.

All creatures on the Earth eat their food raw except humans and we have created foods that are far from what Nature created for us to eat.

I have never seen so much sickness in people before. It is truly amazing.

I have received whispers from my heart to change my diet and consume more light and I am training myself to do it.

I believe if we can train ourselves to eat more of the Sunlight absorbed by plants we will stay healthy, and feel incredible!

I have created a smoothie I call my Light and Oxygen Smoothie. It is made with Raw Fruits and Vegetables, Now Brand Organic Stevia and 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Drops to increase oxygen. I make this every other morning and consume it once a day for my dinner meal after the drinks I have described in another post.

I would never eat all these by themselves but it is easy in a great tasting smoothie!

I used to pour this smoothie in a big cup at work and people would look at it and make faces when I told them what was in it. One person was brave enough to taste it and said, “Humm, Surprising,” when it tasted so good. It is amazing how good this smoothie makes me feel with all the natural Light energy and the natural oxygen.

I put the following ingredients in my Vita-Mix Blender every morning that I make it. It fills it to the top and then I add distilled water almost to the top so not to spill. After securing the top I run this on High for 90 seconds.

I put it in a container in the Fridge to stay cold until I am ready to drink it. I drink half of it the day I make it for my supper meal and half the next day.

I buy all these at Walmart, except the NOW brand organic Stevia power and the 3% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide. I buy these on Amazon and only recommend the NOW brand of Stevia. Many other brands sell watered down Stevia or powder that is hard to dissolve. The one pound container seems expensive, but it lasts a long time because it is so concentrated. You only have to use a little in other teas or coffees. You want to use the 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide sparingly. Food Grade just means it is mixed in distilled water and it is purer. It is very powerful and should only be consumed in low amounts. Never more than 3% and about 5 drops per 8 ounces. I have been using this for many years and I take a little more but not a lot. It is dangerous to consume too much hydrogen peroxide so use it sparingly if at all but it is a very low-cost way to add oxygen to your body. I buy a gallon of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and mix it one part to 14 cups of distilled water to make a Gallon of 3%. It is so cheap it is funny. You can do a search on how it can help your body.

I add all these to my Vita-Mix and blend on high for 90 seconds:

I large handful of Walmart brand raisins, one large handful of sprouted lentils, a teaspoon of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, a large teaspoon of Now brand stevia, one banana, one medium tomato, one peeled kiwi, a handful of chopped red cabbage, a half of avocado, several stalks of raw broccoli tops, a lot of fresh cilantro, a large handful of fresh baby spinach, two handfuls of frozen strawberries, and two handfuls of frozen blueberries, and you can add more Stevia if you want it sweeter.

Drinking this smoothie fills your body with many different colors of Light every day, and you will love how it makes you feel!

You will be amazed at how a large cup full will fill you up and hold you for hours. One large glass full is all you need every day, and a hand full of almonds in between. It is best to eat the almonds on an empty stomach. I like to buy the 25lb bags of almonds direct from the orchards in California. They are much fresher and less processed. The ones you buy in the stores have been irradiated by law and I think it best not to eat them. You can buy fresh almonds directly from this orchard that have not been irradiated with radiation, or pasteurized. I highly recommend this grower.

Briden Wilson Farm

Sprouting lentils maximizes the nutrition and it is very easy to sprout your own. I put about a half bag in a pan with some 3% hydrogen peroxide and distilled water to soak for several hours. Then just pour the lentils in a colander to get the excess water off, put it on a plate to catch any water, and cover it with a towel for two days in a warm, low lighted, area. I stir them once a day to distribute the water and put them in the fridge when ready. It is truly amazing how long these will stay fresh in the fridge and not break down. They are incredible nutrition.

Try it. You will like it.



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