Awareness, Happiness, and the Art of Being!

The story in Genesis of Adam and Eve becoming infected with the Knowledge of Good and Evil and how it banished them from The Garden of Eden is very interesting. I wonder if there really was a time when people were not filled with thoughts of good and evil and lived as Pure Awareness without thoughts of opposites living in them?  I think that story is a parable of how spirits appeared inside humans as Thoughts and we lost the Awareness of living in the Thought Free Garden of Eden inside us.  How that happened I do not know.

The biggest problem this world has ever had are the negative thoughts, and emotions, living inside human beings. They are the cause of all the evil this world has witnessed. Thoughts and emotions move people to do the things they do, but most people do not know that they are not really them, just energies living inside them. They can be our friends, or our worst enemies if we don’t master them.

It has taken me a long time to free myself from their dominance. I still see and feel the beneficial ones that are left inside my Awareness but I have attained a peaceful mind and heart now, and I have found my True Self. I am very thankful for the peaceful thoughts and energies that provide guidance. They are little Angels that give insight and direction during my day and I always thank them for their assistance in guiding my life.

It is truly amazing how many times they have flashed messages into my Awareness that turned out to help me, the Company I worked for, or someone else. When our minds are busy many times we miss it and I have missed it too. I endeavor to do what they tell me to do right away before I forget it. Your Peaceful Mind will be able to see their messages when they are given and benefit from them.

I experienced the separation of my Awareness from thoughts through meditation and reading about Awareness. I used meditation CD’s to quiet my mind and become aware of myself as Awareness. Every time I achieved this it helped me realize it more and more in my active life. I am the Awareness that thoughts and emotions appear in and I am a small part of the Infinite Field of Being with everyone and everything else.

Our Peaceful Mind is already inside us as our true selves and our Garden of Eden. We have just lost awareness of it by assuming we are thoughts and emotions. We are like the clear blue sky, not the clouds that flow through it, and we have the potential to remain the clear blue sky even when a storm appears to flow through it. But it takes wanting it, working for it, and time.  

The challenges we face in attaining Our Peaceful Mind are many and the biggest is obtaining Our Peaceful Heart, or Emotional Field.

Our lives are very fast paced now, with almost endless distractions to keep us focused on the outside, and most of us have been infected with inherited dark energies that live in our emotional fields. These energies are the source of all negative and evil thoughts and emotions.  We must free ourselves from them one by one to regain our Peaceful Mind and Heart.

If you suffer from any negative feeling in your emotional field, it is caused by energies living there. They do not want you to know this so they can feed off of your life force. You can not see them with your awareness but you can see and feel the pain they cause inside you. Most people do not know that the pain is being caused by something deeper that is invisible to us. 

I know this will sound crazy to many. It is just because they do not know it yet and this message is a seed that may, or may not, germinate in your life.

That will depend on you.

I have vast experience with what I am writing about and only share it for those it can help. It will not be for everyone because not everyone will be ready for it.

I used my style of releasing the negative energies inside of me to become free of them. They appear and hide at different times and when they appear, when the negative emotion is felt and strong, it is the time to use it.

Just become aware of the grief, sadness, pain, anger, hatred, fear, or any other negative feeling in your heart, or lower stomach area. See it as something living inside you, but not you. Lower your head and tell it with your Awareness and voice, “I release you from my heart, and command you to go.” Imagine it coming up and out of you, and breath it out deeply. The energy will resist, but as you do this consistently, it will finally leave you.

Guilt of a past mistake, or a false guilt that blames you for something you did not do to prevent something, is a strong one that they feed on for almost everyone. If you have confessed it to yourself, made amends, and asked forgiveness for it, or finally realized it is a false guilt for something you could not stop, you must work to release the guilt emotions being produced by the images in your mind. The event does not exist anymore except as this image in your Awareness.

Depending on how strong it is, it can take years.

You can do this with any emotional pain, fear, anger, or hatred, you are feeling as a result of anything you have experienced.

These energies flash the Memories of Past Experiences into your Awareness over and over again to create the feelings of sadness, grief, depression, fear, anger, or hatred so they can feed off of it. These feelings are their food, and why they do not want to be seen, or leave their food source. When you have developed the habit of releasing these feelings every time you feel them, the energies grow weak and either die, change to a positive nature, or leave, and your life will become more and more peaceful. Finally they will not be there anymore and you will be Your Peaceful Mind and Heart from then on.

When you experience this, you will be amazed at how the whole world suffers from memories that no longer exist in the Now, but appear to.

Energies living inside some people move them to do horrible things to others and then the same energies feed on the grief, depression, sadness, anger and hatred of the victims living through it.

One of their biggest lies is this; if we stop hurting we are abandoning a love one that has passed. So Grieving deeply is necessary to remember them. It is a huge lie.

The loved one that has passed does not want you to grieve for them, just remember the good times and your love. They are in a better place.

Enduring any negative emotion from an event in the past that does not exist anymore, except as an image in your Awareness, is a huge trick. The event does not exist anymore but it lives as a picture in your Awareness causing negative emotions.

When we Awaken to experience that we are what sees things in our mind, not the things appearing in it, we separate and experience Awareness and the energies that try to produce negative emotions by posting images in our Awareness lose their power.

But just as important is releasing these energies from our Heart and Emotional field so they no longer torment us with these memories.

The following will help you on your Journey. 

Listening to meditation CD’s for a half hour every day with headsets will train your awareness to realize yourself separate from thoughts, and emotions. This is the best source I have found and I use it every day. You can click below: I suggest the

Ultra-Meditation 5-Level System

Ultra Meditation VI

Reading about awareness, happiness, and the art of being helps remind you of what you are and helps you realize it with time. You can click on the link below to read a great source:

Awareness, Happiness and The Art of Being

If you want to free yourself from all negative emotions. Learn about how a special man was given weeks to live and healed himself completely by releasing the negative emotions that had been trapped inside him for years. It is truly an amazing story:

Freedom Now!




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